Sós István a Városszépítő Egyesület vezetőjeThe rehabilitation of a significant part of the historical inner city of Eger is an investment of a scale that rarely takes place in the history of the city, especially if we take into account the number of buildings, public squares, bridges, statues, roads and other objects that are renovated within a relatively short period of time. The city is enriched by new establishments as well: a modern parking garage in Katona István tér, and a new bridge along Pori sétány will make pedestrian traffic easier; in the area of former Szúnyog köz, a new community space will be established with graduation towards Eger Creek, together with the statue “Border-Castle Soldiers”, which – we hope – will also become a popular meeting point for youngsters. The inner-city section of the bicycle path will also be built along the creek, in its bed. While Dobó tér will be beautified by becoming suitable for larger events of the city and at the same time preserving its atmosphere, together with the Minorite Church, shining in its old glory.

This huge-scale investment also allows the Association for the Beautification of Eger to establish a webpage for the interested residents of Eger and visiting tourists, with the help of which they can get information about the history of the city, the monuments, public buildings and other sights that are on or in the immediate neighbourhood of the area of planning. You can also get acquainted with the life of the individuals streets were named after. Certain establishments that are on the webpage do not belong to the area affected by rehabilitation but are in their immediate neighbourhood, and have been or will be renovated within the framework of other programmes, at roughly the same time.

Please welcome our initiative that – we hope – will help you get acquainted with our beloved city and appreciate its treasures. Our page is interactive, we welcome your suggestions for its development.

Sós István
Chairman of the Association for the Beautification of Eger