Tour in Eger

Buildings involved in the interactive map highly visible Eger Rehabilitation Program, bridges, statues, public areas, which more information is available by clicking on the form of short text and a small picture gallery. (They were green shield mark them on the flashing images, "R" is included in the letter.)

The map has been highlighted as a major downtown buildings and public spaces, the reconstruction of which the recent / present or future happened / happening or about to happen. They - though not officially part of the rehabilitation program and renewal of other sources - have much to do in Eger in the overall picture. Their only time the renovation coincides with the rehabilitation program. (They were yellow shield symbol was flashing pictures of them, including in the "K" letter.)

A number of downtown buildings or other public places shown on the map, which is very significant and important historical point of view, we felt that these will also become acquainted with the history of the visitors. (The latter were pazsban blue flashing images (such as the renovation of the center of unrelated) letter "B".)

The map can be seen by moving all items, click on the individual elements are available in the corresponding short descriptions and a photo album.

Click on the map to the action!

Map, if you click on it, you action the map.