Dr. Hibay Károly Street

Dr. Hibay Károly (Szeged, 1890 – Eger, 1924). His father was the pharmacist of Kígyó Pharmacy, he got his medical degree in 1913. During the 1st World War, he served on the Italian front, and returned to Eger in 1920. In 1923, he became an obstetrician-internist head doctor in the Women’s Foundation Hospital. He soon became popular in his home town as he treated the poor for free; moreover, in his father’s pharmacy, he provided them with medicine for free. In 1924, when he was examining a gypsy girl with petechial typhus, he contracted the disease and died after a week-long agony, while his patient recovered. In our city, he became the symbol of doctors serving their profession until their death. Hibay Károly utca – which was located in the Jewish district of Eger – was earlier named Újvilág utca, after the pub located there.