Dobó István-Statue

The statue – the work of Strobl Alajos – was inaugurated on 18 August 1907; the inauguration ceremony was linked to the 17th National Song Festival. The series of events was opened by Archbishop Szmrecsányi Lajos; on behalf of the city, the composition of sculptures was accepted by Jankovich Dezső, mayor. The central figure is Dobó István, with sabre drawn, next to him Dobó Katica, throwing a stone, while Mekchey István is standing on his other side. The artist modelled the face of Dobó on the basis of the relief on his sarcophagus, the model of the Eger woman might have been Hajdú Róza (the regular model of Zala György, among others), while Mekchey was depicted after the eminent historian of Eger, Breznay Imre.