Valide Sultana Bath

Turkish bath culture knows two types of public baths, the first with one larger and several smaller pools, this is ilidza, while the second is a steam bath, or hammam. In his description of Eger, Evlia Cselebi, Turkish globetrotter, mentions both in 1664. The Bath of Arnaut Pasha was the still operating Turkish Bath, built on hot-water springs in the 17th century, while at Dózsa György tér 1. szám, we can find the excavated ruins of the former hammam, the bath of Valide Sultana (the sultan’s mother). The bath probably ceased to operate at the end of the 17th century as the census following the recapture of the castle in 1687 mentioned it as an unused building.

A Valide Szultána fürdő felújítása
A Valide Szultána fürdő felújítása 2