Herner House (Calvin House): The so-called Herner House (at present: Calvin House) stands at Markhot Ferenc u. 2. (in the 18th century: Ispotály utca), built in the first third of the 18th century, and was extended before the middle of the century with another floor. Its designer – master builder was most likely Giovanni Battista Carlone. He also had the bishop’s beer-house built on the other side of the creek, while the builder was Herner Ferenc, Bishop Erdődy’s brewer. He appeared in Eger in 1725, as the holder of this plot. The balcony shows the year 1743, the construction of the added floor. Between 1752-63, Herner Ferenc was the Chief Justice of Eger. He died in 1773; his widow sold the house, which came under the possession of Demetrovics István, Greek merchant. At that time, the school plot also belonged to the building.

Kálvin ház
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