4 Harangöntő Str.
Residential house, Harangöntő House, listed monument. At present, it houses Kopcsik Marcipánia.
Between 1750 and 1762, the residents of the house were Singer Mihály, sculptor, and his widow. Between 1763 and 1768, the house was owned by Joel – or Johel – József bell-founder. Joel died in 1768; his widow, Bratislava-born Kristelli Rozália, who was presumably related to the third wife of Fellner Jakab, remarried, to Isztl József, another bell-founder, thus from 1770, Isztl lives in the house. After the death of Isztl (Júsztel), his widow continues the trade, then in 1807, handed it over to her son, Isztl János. Between 1815 and 1820, they also acquired the other house from Kern József, coppersmith – Eszterházy’s favourite master – and from then on both houses, neighbouring each other, are owned by the Isztl family. Around 1845, Bernecker Mátyás bell-founder obtains the two houses. In 1851, the neighbour of widowed Bernecker Mátyásné was Angelo Morandi. In 1887, the house belongs to Mező Ignác, in 1903 to Lengyel Jozefa. Around 1930 Szmrecsányi Miklós still saw the bell-founder’s moulds in the attic. The northern, L-shaped wing of the house was destroyed by a bomb attack in 1944. The two reliefs decorating the façade, depicting scenes of the trade, are kept in Dobó István Castle Museum.