Bartakovics Béla Community Hall

8 Knézich Károly Str. Public building, former home to the Catholic Bachelors' Association, today Bartakovics Béla Community Hall of the Eger Culture and Arts Centre. The Eger Catholic Bachelors' Association was the seventh such organisation to be established in Hungary – but as a purely Hungarian society – it was the first in the country. The consecration of the flag of the Eger Bachelors' Association took place on 8 September 1860. Temporarily, they started to operate in one of the houses of Dobó Street. Eger Archbishop Bartakovics Béla supported the establishment of the association from the very beginning.
They selected the building of Aranyszolga (the Golden Servant) Restaurant along Káptalan-sor (current Knézich Károly Street) as their future seat. This building was owned by the chapter, and this is where the pub and restaurant under the name Aranyszolga operated for the longest time. As, luckily, the master of the building was the cathedral chapter, another one of Eger’s benefactors, they could acquire it at half price. After the internal conversion, the Bachelors' Association could establish its permanent seat on 1 October 1861.
After the opening ceremony, contemporary press praised the great patron of the arts like this: “And along came the »tame pigeon«, Bartakovics, in the cathedral chaplain’s body and one by one! As the result of their generosity, in less than a year’s time, the young association was able to move into the building of the former restaurant “The Golden Servant”, made so decorated and great by the pontiffs’ generosity, and in which the slogan will long be “God bless honest industry!”
The idea of the extension of the headquarters came up in 1886 already; finally, at the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Nagy János, vice-president, realised the plan. For the 50th anniversary of the Bachelors' Association – 8 September 1910 – the building was reconstructed, and one floor was added. The new building was ceremonially consecrated by Bishop Szmrecsányi Lajos.
In the late 1920s, the headquarters proved too small and its extension was planned.
The Nagy brothers from Eger prepared the plans and did the execution as well. Construction started in April 1929, and was already finished by 30 December. The beautiful, two-storey headquarters of the Catholic Bachelors' Association was consecrated by Subik Károly, abbot canon, president of the Bachelors' Association.
In 1935, the management bought the building next to the headquarters. This was demolished, and a beer garden was established in its place, where one could drink beer and go dancing. In the winter of 1942-43, it was temporarily turned into resort place for army veterans.
Following the nationalization of the property, in 1953 it was renovated by the City Council, then, between 1983 and 1985, it was modernised by the Heves County Council; it was then that the interior was established in its current form. Later, it operated under the name of Heves County Cultural Centre. In 2005, it took the name of Eger Archbishop Bartakovics Béla. At present, it is owned by the Catholic Church. The building is still one of the centres of cultural life in the city.
The General’s House, 18th century civic house in Zalár József Street, its architect-builder was Pichler György. Named after the fact that the city had it built as generals’ accommodation place by using a former building.
It is a free-standing tent-roof building, with the ground floor rooms vaulted. In the middle of the courtyard façade, a projection houses the staircase. For the longest time, there were schools operating in it, today it houses a restaurant and a coffee-house.
It is a listed monument.