Flood-markers in Eger

Flood-markers in Eger: location, size, elevation above sea level and the height of the marker arrows of the existing signs from the pavement:
Széchenyi út 39. (Gráf House),     Széchenyi út 29. (St. Anne Church), Knézich K. u 1. (Brothers of Mercy Chapel), Markhot F. u. 2. (Herner House), Dobó tér 8. (residential house), Dobó tér 1. (Forst House gateway), Bajcsy - Zsilinszky u. 19. (Steinhauzer/Remenyik House), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u.17. (Sághy/Steinhauzer House), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 6. (Grőber House), Jókai u. 6. (residential house), Kossuth L. u. 9. (County Hall), Kossuth L. u. 26. (Buttler House).
Further known sign-data on housed demoshed and rebuilt in the meanwhile:
Knézich K. u.11. (former chapter’s courtyard), Knézich K. u.7. (Knézich Eagle House),
Harangöntő u. 7. (residential house), Dobó tér 2. (Town Hall)
Sign information on recently explored sites:
Markhot F. Hospital building block (in the corridor of the former monastery of the Brothers of Mercy, left of the refectory door (South), Markhot F. Hospital building block (in the room of the former “Pomegranate” Pharmacy of the Brothers of Mercy).

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