Forst House

The Forst House is a residential building originally consisting of two parts, situated between Dobó tér (Dobó Square), Szent János utca (Szent János Street) and Érsek utca (Érsek Street). In 1744, Antal Forst master glazier and his wife Anna Mercz bought the plot adjacent to Szent János utca. Antal Forst served as Chief Justice of Eger in 1750 and 1752. From 1758, the ground-floor premises were rented by a Greek merchant, Demeter Báró. The part adjacent to Érsek utca was owned by another Greek merchant, György Noé until 1759, when Antal Forst and his wife bought it from him. Antal Forst died in 1763 and his children inherited the building. One of them, Ignác Forst, together with János Povolni, had the house reconstructed and converted between 1774 and 1777. It was at this time when the building consisting of two parts assumed its current, uniform appearance.