Zalár József Street

Zalár (Hizli) József (1825-1914), poet. Studied philosophy and theology in Eger. In 1844, he became a lawyer. As a volunteer, he participated in the war of independence. In 1849, he was Damjanich’s camp historian. After Világos, he was in hiding, then he became a teacher in Gömör, Gyöngyöshalász and Pest. In 1861 and from 1867, he was the deputy notary of Heves County, from 1869 its chief notary, and then, from 1886, its sub-prefect. He retired in 1897 and lived in Eger. He was a member of Petőfi Society. His main works: Freedom Songs, Zalár’s poems, After rain comes sunshine, Fifty Years of the Eger Casino – Retrospect.