Tinódi Sebestyén Square

Pusztai Ágoston Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén title, his creation was made in 2002 here onto avoided placement. It named a public domain this after Dózsa György originally adequately Tinódi Sebestyén tér is laughing last.

Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén (1510-1556), was born in Tinód, to bourgeois parents. He was a learned man, he spoke Latin and was skilled in music, too. First he was active as a soldier, serving in the Szigetvár court of Török Bálint. After the fall of Buda in 1541, he was captured by the Turks. It was then that he became a really dedicated patriot; from this time on, his poems and songs were all about fighting the Turks. After his release, he got married in Košice and from there he travelled to the scene of battles and recorded what he experienced in his poems. He also composed music to his poems, which he then accompanied on lute. His most famous work is the song “On the Siege of Eger”, for which he also collected data on the scene. When Dobó István became voivod of Transylvania, Tinódi went with him to Transylvania, where he wrote his song “The History of Transylvania”. The collected edition of his works appeared in 1554, in Cluj. On several occasions, his works have been used by historians as authoritative sources as, in many cases, he was an eyewitness to the events.