Katona István Square

Katona István, historiographer: he was born on 13 December 1732, in Bolyk, Nógrád County. He joined the Jesuit Order on 30 October 1750, he studied in Kosice and Trnava. He was ordained in 1761, and he also took the Jesuit oath after seven years. From 1770, he taught at the University of Trnava, between 1773 and 1784, at Pest University. After the order was suppressed, he joined the ranks of the priests of the Esztergom Diocese and kept the history department at the university relocated to Buda.  After a 25-year long teaching career, he retired on 13 December 1784. He lived in Esztergom, using the next six years to travel and gather scattered historical mementoes all over the country. From 1790, he lived in Kalocsa, where he was the archbishop's librarian. In the 1790s, when the ideas of the Enlightenment were spreading in Hungary as well, he defended the church by writing anonymous leaflets. He died on 17 August 1811, at the age of 79, in Kalocsa; he was buried in front of the altar of the left-side chapel of the Cathedral. His main work: Historia Critica Regum Hungariae.