Knézich Károly Street

Knézich (correctly: Knezić) Károly (1808-1849): he was transferred to Eger in the early 1840s, where, on 14 July 1842, he became engaged to a senator's daughter, Kapitány Katalin. They got married in June 1844. They had two daughters born from the marriage. After the 15 March 1948 Revolution, he offered his services to the Hungarian army. Due to his military successes, he quickly rose through the ranks; after the leg fracture suffered by Damjanich, he was appointed major general and commander in chief of the third army corps. He participated in the siege of Buda in that capacity. Kossuth Lajos appointed him the commander of the Upper Tisza army corps, then he served in the Ministry of Defence. Kossuth picked him to serve as the governor of Transylvania, but with the deterioration of the military situation he was appointed to lead an impromptu division rather. He laid down the arms at Világos. He was sentenced to death by hanging, and was eighth in the order of executions.