Markhot Ferenc Street

Markhot Ferenc (1718-1792), was born in the village of Vittenc (Nyitra County). He graduated from the University of Bologna, one of the most outstanding institutions of higher education of the time, as a physicist-doctor. As his expertise as a doctor made him famous even in far-away countries, the Bishop of Eger, Barkóczy Ferenc took notice of him and invited him to Eger in 1758. Markhot became the Chief Medical Officer of Heves and Külső-Szolnok Counties, in addition to which he also served as the doctor of the Bishop and the seminary. His scientific work was focussed on demonstrating the curative effects of Eger thermal waters. He opened the first domestic medical school on 25 November 1769, in Eger, in the hospital of the Brother of Mercy. In the opening academic year, Scola Medicinalis had ten students. The evidence of the outstanding nature of its medical training principles in its own time is that the students received not only theoretical knowledge but were able to develop their skills through hospital practice as well; this is how the school became an early forerunner of the clinical system. In 1772, Maria Theresa did not authorise the school to issue doctoral degrees. Therefore, the institution had to close in 1775, however, the medical students graduating from here received their medical degree from the University of Trnava.