1. website pulished

The ÉMOP-2009-3.1.2. / C. aid has been named competition and the Eger City Beautification Association thanks 2013th in August and will be available from this date free for anyone to use the Eger Rege website, designed to inform those interested in Eger ongoing reconstruction processes. It is also intended that the results of local research work to inform Reservation values ​​(buildings, statues and public spaces) and pictures illustrating the history readable form.

06. 01. 2013.

2. News Conference

Held a press conference the representatives of civil society round table runs on the Eger media and the awarding body for the 2013th August 22, at 11:00 am. Location: Esterhazy Karoly College (High School), Oratorium Artium Pyrkerianum.

08. 23. 2013.

3. Tour In Eger Program

Next event will be carried out during the project, "Eger Eger walks not only in" the next program, 2013th September 10, 17:30 am at. Location: Esterhazy Karoly College (High School), Oratorium Artium Pyrkerianum. Meeting in front of the main entrance of the Lyceum. Everyone is welcome and we call love!

09. 11. 2013.

4. Presentation in Celebration of  Eger  Program

2013th 09th 21 Eger City Beautification Association and the Association of Public patriots tent was the "Reservation civil Feast" presentation the web for people in Érsekkert.

09. 22. 2013.

5. Presentation School Children

At the end of October 2013 will be presented on the website for school children. During the event, the students compiled the content of the websitecan play a quiz, a result of what we know about the little ones their city. The event will be invited to schools.

10. 23. 2013.